Saurian for Windows

  • Paid
  • In English
  • Version: 1.2

Become a Dinosaur in Saurian

Saurian is a survival game that places you into the scaly feet of a dinosaur. Created with the aid of professional palaeontologists, Saurian strives to offer a realistic recreation of the age of dinosaurs. Step back in time to 66 million years ago and take control of a dinosaur as you fight to survive in this ruthless world of predators and prey. Will your thunder lizard be fit enough to survive - or will you end up going extinct?


  • Realistic portrayal of the Cretaceous period
  • Complex survival gameplay in an AI ecosystem


  • A hard game
  • not suited to casual play
  • Players may find it time-consuming

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Saurian 1.2 for PC

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